Questions & Answers

1. How Much Are The Ski Instructors?

Well, you can’t actually buy a Ski Instructor.  That’s just weird shit.  But for lessons……………..

It is 13,000 Yen per 2 hour session per Instructor, so if 4 then just 3,250 Yen each (as at 2011).

Click here for Lesson Booking Form (Word Doc) from Nozawa Holidays.

Can also join the Resort Ski School.

Kids and Junior Ski Teams

For the duration of the ski season, Kids and Junior Ski Teams are run at the Hikage school.

From 3 years of age to 12 years of age, we offer lessons tailored around the different levels of experience from beginners to intermediate skiers.

  • Mini Kids: 3-4 years of age
  • Kids Team: 5-9 years of age
  • Juniors: 10-12 years of age

Full day course or Morning Course and Afternoon Course

10:00am ~ 12:00pm
1:00pm ~ 3:00pm


¥6,000 Full Day
¥4,000 Half Day

2. How Much for Ski Gear Hire?

Click here for PDF of Ski Gear Hire List.

Again, it’s from Nozawa Holidays – contact them to be sure to have the latest prices.

But basically Skis Boots and Poles or Board and Boots for 6 days:

  • Adults 16,200 Yen per person
  • Children 10,800 Yen per person

3.  What’s The Snow Like In Nozawa Onsen?

Check this out.

4. Does what happens on tour stay on tour?

Yes, this is the main premise of this holiday.

If asked about any aspect of a ski holiday you answer like below.

For example:

Q: “Did you go to Nozawa?”

A: “Ummmm, I don’t know.  Not too sure really.  Somewhere….I went somewhere.”

Q: “But you went to Japan, right?”

A: “Not really sure, we went somewhere that had an ‘A’ in it.  I think…… not too sure really.  Mmmmm, maybe there wasn’t an ‘A’ in it.  Can’t recall.”

Q: “Was [insert name of travel partner] well behaved and did he keep himself out of trouble?”

A:[insert name of travel partner] ….mmmmm [insert name of travel partner] .  Don’t believe I him.  Can you describe him?”

Q: “Well, did you at least enjoy the holiday?”

A: “I can’t really remember a holiday.  I can’t remember much at all about anything.  A holiday…….sounds vaguely familiar.  How do you spell that?”

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