Getting to Nozawa Onsen

There are lots of different ways to get to Nozawa Onsen.


The easiest way, by far, is to either:

  • take the private direct shuttle bus from Narita (Tokyo) Airport (90,000 yen for a bus that takes 20 people – works out to about $1,050.  If you get 20 on the bus it’s a bargain at $40 or so), or
  • take the bus from Narita to Nozawa Onsen for 9,900 per person (about $114 each)

What I did was grab the private bus with the mates I was travelling with – about 11 of us.  Got dropped at the door of the Villa.

My kids – aged 17-20 – caught the other bus at 9,900 yen each.

The bus picks you up at the airport (near your gate they’ll be holding a sign and they park the bus just metres away from where you come out of customs.

Super easy.

The bus is a 4 hour trip.

For more detailed info on getting to Nozawa Onsen by plane, train or automobile, check out Nozawa Holidays.

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