Skiing in Japan – Cheap & Amazing Skiing

by Brendon on November 24, 2015

I recently went on a skiing trip to Japan and have put up this web site to show just how amazing the place is, along with a few tips on how to get there and where to go.

My main tip would be to go to Nozawa Onsen in the Alps.  This gorgeous ski village isn’t like a big ski resort, but it has all the infrastructure of one because it has hosted the Winter Olympics.

That’s how good the snow is!

The snow at the bottom of the village!

The snow at the bottom of the village!

Unlike the big resorts, the crowds are very small, the restaurants super cheap and the town is dotted with onsens – the traditional hot spring that is the best place to soak after a hard day on the slopes.

My mates and I stayed at Villa Nozawa, one of 4 properties owned and run by Australian guy Mark Baumann.

Mark absolutely loves Nozawa Onsen and takes great pleasure in showing off the village.  Absolutely top class host.

The cost of your accommodation, breakfast and ski lift pass (as a package from Mark) is way less that you’d pass in Australia.

Add in the crowd free slopes, the amazing skiing and you’re on a winner.



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